GeForce 416.94 drivers flip RTX on for Battlefield V

Hot on the heels of the 416.81 release, Nvidia just pushed a new graphics driver out, with good reason. The 416.94 release is WHQL-certified and ready for Battlefield V, Fallout 76, and Hitman 2. There's a related bit of news regarding Battlefield V that's actually of bigger import, though: the game now has Nvidia RTX effects enabled for those lucky enough to own one of the green team's GeForce RTX cards. This also pins Battlefield V as the first-ever widely-available game with those ray-tracing effects, so write that one down in the history books.

We'll be taking a good look at the performance effects and image quality benefits that ray-tracing brings to DICE's game in a future article, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you're wondering what the performance hit is like, the folks at Hardwareluxx did some preliminary testing, and the summary so far appears to be "oof."

Should you own an RTX card and wish to get your ray-tracing on in Battlefield V, you'll also need to install the recently re-released Windows 10 October 2018 update (version 1809). That update is seeing the light of day once again after a disastrous initial rollout that saw some users get their documents devoured by a grue. Microsoft says the issue is now fixed—pinky promise.

Anyway, in the new driver release, Hitman 2 got support for Nvidia Ansel screenshots as well as Highlights. Both Hitman 2 and Fallout 76 now have 3D Vision profiles, too. The fixed bugs list for the 416.94 drivers has but one item: a bug causing laggy desktop activity when using GeForce GTX 780 cards has now been fixed. Oddly enough, that bug is still on the list of open issues for this release, but we figure that's a copy-paste snafu.

Those eager to get into the action can download the 416.94 driver from GeForce Experience, or directly from Nvidia's site. Those wishing to peruse the release notes can find them on Nvidia's site. Keep an eye out for the TR analysis of RTX effects on Battlefield V.

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