Razer Blackwidow Lite promises quiet looks and quiet typing

Razer needs no introduction for its gamer gear, but RGB LED-bedecked hardware isn't going to fly in every setting. For folks who want the feel of Razer keys under their fingers without advertising that fact to the world, the company has just the thing. The Blackwidow Lite keyboard uses Razer Orange keyswitches for tactile but quiet operation, and it wraps those switches up in a discreet-looking tenkeyless board with an aluminum top plate and single-color white backlighting.

To further lower its profile, the Blackwidow Lite comes with rubber o-rings pre-installed under its keycaps that should keep clacking to a minimum. While this board may not have programmable backlighting, users can still create macros and assign keyboard shortcuts using Razer's Synapse application. If you want a straightforward mechanical board without the bling, the Blackwidow Lite rings in at a reasonable $90, and you can get it today direct from the company's site.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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