G.Skill Trident Z Royal DIMMs fuse crystals and precious metals

We often call RGB LED-bedecked hardware "blingy," but few PC hardware companies have pursued that style as literally as G.Skill has for its Trident Z Royal RGB LED memory.

The basic Trident Z RGB series of DIMMs has a brushed-aluminum finish topped with soft diffusers for the LEDs underneath, and the Royal DIMMs take a considerably more flamboyant tack with a crystalline diffuser and polished heat spreaders in silver or gold finishes (albeit not real silver and gold, mind).

G.Skill says these DIMMs also include a "next generation" RGB LED controller with eight addressable zones. That lighting controller apparently offers smoother transitions between colors for RGB LED effects.

While Trident Z Royal kits may primarily be about appearances, the company will still offer a dizzying array of speeds, capacities, and timings from this RAM family. Effective frequencies start at 3000 MT/s and range all the way up to the boundaries of XMP at 4600 MT/s and 1.5 V.

The overall appearance of the Trident Z Royal kits is quite distinctive, but we just wish G.Skill had kept the existing Trident Z typeface when it branded these sticks. The final design appears to use a typeface straight out of Windows' default options. Presuming you aren't as bothered by the typeface as we are, you'll be able to pick up this RAM next month for as-yet-unspecified prices. Hopefully you won't need access to a royal treasury to get your hands on these sticks.

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