Nvidia makes it easier to flip RTX on with Battlefield V bundle

Battlefield V's performance with Nvidia's RTX effects enabled has sparked plenty of heated discussion about the merits of the technology over the past few days. If you're still on the fence about the potential of Turing cards' hybrid approach for ray-tracing and rasterization, the green team is making it easier to see for yourself just how well the tech works.

The company has announced that it's bundling a copy of Battlefield V with all discrete Turing cards and some prebuilt systems that house them. Most every Nvidia board partner appears to be participating, and desktops from AVADirect, CyberpowerPC, CLX, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, Maingear, Origin, Steiger Dynamics, Velocity Micro, Xidax, and XoticPC are also eligible.

While the prospect of dropping a great deal of performance for the sake of shinier reflections might not seem like the most compelling call to action, developer DICE expects that the performance of RTX effects on Turing graphics cards has plenty of room for improvement. Members of the development team sat down with Eurogamer for an interview just recently, and they told the site that a number of optimizations are in the works to extract better performance from Turing cards with RTX enabled. The whole interview is well worth a read if you're curious about the fruit that remains to be picked from the Battlefield V performance tree. In any case, Battlefield V is a gorgeous game even with RTX off, so it's hard to lose either way.

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