TR's Black Friday PC hardware deals-travaganza

Hey, everybody. Hope you're shaking off the turkey torpor this morning, because we're going to be perusing hundreds of PC hardware deals and bringing you the cream of the crop. Keep refreshing this post throughout the morning to see what we've found.

  • EVGA's GeForce RTX 2070 XC Gaming graphics card is just $484.99 at Amazon. GeForce RTX products are still quite new, and deals like this are rare.
  • Nixeus' EDG27 monitor is $349.99 at Newegg. We can't overstate how stupid-low this price is for a FreeSync gaming monitor with a 30-Hz-to-144-Hz variable-refresh-rate range
  • Need a graphics card to make the Nixeus EDG27 above shine? MSI's Radeon RX Vega 56 reference card is $339.99 at Amazon, and it'll do a great job for 2560x1440 gaming.
  • Need even more pixel-pushing power? It's rare to find a Radeon RX Vega 64 card for less than MSRP with a cooler sufficient to tame that chip's considerable TDP quietly, but Asus' ROG Strix RX Vega 64 fits the bill, and it's just $474.99 today at Amazon.
  • Big chunks of solid-state storage are cheaper than ever, and Crucial's fine MX500 1-TB SSD is no exception. This drive is available at Rakuten for $119.99 with checkout code BF20, or just 12 cents a gig. That's crazy stuff.
  • AMD's Ryzen 7 2700 CPU is $229.99 with promo code EMCEERS226 at Newegg. You get eight overclockable cores and 16 threads of Zen+ power for the price of six cores and 12 threads. 'Nuff said.
  • The Ryzen 7 2700 is a great performer, but maybe you want even more performance with no effort. Get a Ryzen 7 2700X from Walmart for $299.99. This TR Editor's Choice CPU performs at its best out of the box thanks to its Wraith Prism cooler.
  • If six cores and 12 threads is what you want, the Ryzen 5 2600X is just the ticket at $169.99 from Amazon. High clocks and a good stock cooler make this chip hard to beat.
  • Gigabyte's Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard is $179.99 at Newegg after a $30 mail-in rebate. This board is a top-end home for eighth- and ninth-gen Intel Core CPUs thanks to a power-delivery subsystem more typical of X99 and X299 boards.
  • Corsair's CX450M PSU is $19.99 after promo code EMCEERE22 and a $20 mail-in rebate at Newegg. If you need a cheap PSU from a reputable manufacturer to power a budget build, you could do far worse than the CX450M for this money. If you don't need modular cabling, the plain CX450 is just $14.99 after promo code EMCEERR34 and a $20 MIR.
  • Perhaps more power is in order for your next build. In that case, you can get EVGA's Supernova G3 650-W PSU for $49.99 or Supernova G3 750-W PSU for $59.99, both from Amazon.
  • MSI's Armor Radeon RX 570 8 GB is $134.99 after promo code EMCEERE58 and a $30 mail-in rebate at Newegg. That's an incredible price for a high-performance graphics card paired with enough memory to handle even the highest-quality textures at 1920x1080.
  • Want a little more shader power from your Radeon? Gigabyte's Aorus RX 580 8 GB is $199.99 at Amazon, and it's a great bet thanks to its beefy pair of fans and high-grade heatsink.
  • Gigabyte's Aero 15X notebook is $1729 at Newegg with promo code EMCEERR48. With a Core i7-8750H, a GTX 1070 8 GB Max-Q graphics card, a 512-GB SSD, 16 GB of RAM, and a 144-Hz 1920x1080 display, this system stands ready to chew through the toughest games on the go.
  • HyperX's Cloud II gaming headset is $69.99 at Newegg and at Amazon. HyperX makes some of the most well-reputed gaming cans in the business, and this is just about the lowest price you'll see for this popular headset.
  • Asus' ZenBook 14 ultrabook is $799.99 after promo code EMCEERS85 at Newegg. This wafer-thin machine has a swift Core i7-8550U CPU, a GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card, a 256-GB SSD, and 8 GB of RAM inside for productivity power anywhere.
  • Dell's ever-popular XPS 13 9370 is just $999.99 at Rakuten with the checkout code DELL200. The config you get for that price features a Core i7-8550U, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256-GB SSD, and a 1920x1080 display with 100% sRGB coverage.
  • Need a knockaround notebook? Dell's Inspiron 14 7472 is $549.99 at Rakuten with the checkout code DELL100. That gets you a sweet Core i5-8250U CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of NAND storage, and a 14" 1920x1080 display.
  • For an ultra-powerful ultrabook, check out the HP Spectre X360. For $1099.99 at Best Buy, you get a Core i7-8550U, 16 GB of RAM, a 512-GB SSD, a GeForce MX150 discrete graphics chip, and a 4K display.
  • Want to game on the go? Check out Acer's Predator Helios 300. For a cool $999.99 at Amazon, you get a Core i7-8750H, a GTX 1060 6 GB graphics chip, 16 GB of RAM, and a 256-GB NVMe SSD. You get a 144-Hz 1920x1080 screen in the bargain, too.
  • Dell's SE2717HR monitor is $119.99 at Walmart. This 27", 1920x1080 display has an IPS panel and FreeSync support up to 75 Hz. If you're trying to get into tear-free gameplay for not a lot of cash, this display looks like a great bet.
  • Bose's QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise-canceling headphones are $299 at Walmart and at Amazon. If you travel by air even infrequently or need to enjoy music in a noisy household, you owe yourself a pair of these. This price may be the lowest ever for these cans.
  • Nikon's D750 DSLR is $1396.95 at Adorama with a genuine Nikon MB-D16 vertical grip. The D750 is an outstanding mid-range full-frame DSLR, and other sites aren't matching Adorama's bundle for value.
  • Need a cheap X399 motherboard to host the cheap Threadripper CPUs that have been floating around of late? You can get an Asus Prime X399-A for just $209.99 or a slightly fancier ROG Strix X399-E for $239.99 at Amazon.
  • Every PC build these days needs fast DDR4 RAM, and Crucial's DDR4-3000, 16-GB Ballistix Sport LT kit is just $99.99 at Amazon today.
  • In that vein, Adata's XPG Gammix D10 16-GB DDR4-3000 kit is $87.99 at Rakuten with the checkout code BF20.
  • For high-octane CPU-cooling power at a low price, it'd be hard to go wrong with Corsair's H100i V2 closed-loop liquid cooler for $75 at Amazon.

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