Nvidia 417.01 drivers get ready for Darksiders III

Nvidia has released a minor driver update this morning in preparation for Darksiders III. Version 417.01 gets GeForce owners Game Ready for that title, and it also fixes a few bugs.

Among those fixes, gamers with 4K monitors should find that they can set refresh rates higher than 30 Hz. The Frame Rate Limiter 2 utility should work again with the 417.01 software. Turing graphics cards should no longer throw an event ID 14 error if CSM is disabled in a system's firmware. Those with GeForce GTX 650 graphics cards should find that Shadowplay recordings from their pixel-pushers are no longer corrupted. G-Sync should successfully disengage when a user exits a game, and the Ansel utility should produce complete images when the render resolution is set to 30X or greater.

As ever, some bugs remain unsquashed with release 417.01. Gamers with multiple GTX 1080 Ti cards on motherboards with PLX chips may still see random DPC watchdog violations. Firefox users may still see momentary cursor corruption when they hover over certain links. Corruption might occur on "higher-refresh-rate" DisplayPort monitors when a system resumes from sleep, and random flickering may occur when a G-Sync monitor and a non-G-Sync HDMI monitor are connected to the same system with G-Sync enabled.

If you need to get ready for Darksiders III or have an issue that these drivers fix, you can fire up GeForce Experience now or download the driver direct from Nvidia's site.

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