Elgato Cam Link 4K turns pro cameras into hi-fi webcams

Elgato's Cam Link dongle is a handy way to turn any camera with clean HDMI output capability into a platform for streaming video, but some might have found the original Cam Link's 1920x1080 maximum resolution restrictive. That all changes today with the Cam Link 4K, whose upgraded internals can push 3840x2160 video at 30 FPS in addition to the 1920x1080-at-60-FPS that the original Cam Link offered.

Presuming you have a supported camera, getting the Cam Link up and running is as simple as plugging it into a USB port and connecting your camera's HDMI out to the business end of the dongle. With those connections made, you can use the Cam Link as a stream source and record its output to disk for sharing later. Despite the upgraded guts, the Cam Link 4K will retail for the same $129.95 as the original Cam Link. For anybody who needs to share their exploits with the world in high fidelity, this new stick is likely to be an essential bit of kit.

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