Antlion Audio bites off the cord to make its ModMic Wireless

Antlion Audio's ModMic can turn any pair of headphones into a high-quality headset, but that add-on has one unfortunate drawback: it adds another cable to any existing wires running back to its user's PC. The obvious solution to this problem is to get rid of the cord entirely, and that's just what the company has done with its ModMic Wireless. This add-on mic uses Qualcomm's aptX protocol to deliver 16-bit, 48-KHz low-latency audio with all the freedom of wireless connectivity.

Missing cord aside, the ModMic Wireless uses the same basic guts as the ModMic 5 we reviewed and lauded some time ago. The microphone itself includes a dual-capsule design with wide and narrow patterns, and the company says the transmitter is good for 12 hours of use on battery. The ModMic Wireless uses a micro-USB port for charging, and it can charge and operate simultaneously. If you're looking for a quality wireless mic to clip onto your audiophile cans, the ModMic Wireless is available now for $120 direct from Antlion Audio.

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