Vengeance Pro RGB Light Enhancement Kit is ready to fill a RAM void

Do you find yourself looking at your blinkenlit build and disliking the gaping void left by unfilled RAM slots? Corsair is here to help with its Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kit.

The almost-DIMMs in the kit contain no actual DRAM—just shells that look and otherwise act exactly like Corsair's Vengeance RGB Pro memory sticks. The light bar at the top contains 10 individually addressable RGB LEDs underneath a diffuser, and the main casing can be had in a choice of either black or white. The light show can be configured using Corsair's iCUE software, naturally. If all this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of Gigabyte's Aorus RGB Memory kits, dual-channel sets with two extra "dummy" modules.

Here are the Corsair's kit's tech specs: capacity of zero gigabytes, transfer rate of zero MT/s, infinity CL, and zero volts nominal current draw for the memory portion. Joking aside, it's easy to dismiss the usefulness of these trim kits, but for those with a concern with a build's looks they're not truly different from RGB-LED-sleeved power cables or light-up fans. As an example, HEDT builders with an eye towards aesthetics might be interested in grabbing these as not to leave an entire four RAM slots open.  

Since technically correct is the best kind of correct, we should remark that technically the kits can actually hold some information—namely, in the status of its lighting (a single bit, on or off), or perhaps in the particular combinations of LEDs in the lighting profile (you guys can do the math). The Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kit rings in at $40 in black or white at the Corsair store.

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