Discord Store wants an Epic win with 90/10 revenue split

Remember the Epic Store announcement a a couple weeks ago, and its developer-friendly revenue split? Competition for a chunk of Steam's pie is fiercer than ever, because now Discord has joined the gang of companies trying to undercut Valve's service.

In a blog post, Discord says that its Discord Store, launched a few months ago, will start being more friendly toward developers in two ways. The first is that Discord will only take 10% of a title's price for itself; the developer gets the other 90%. Second, the store will move to a self-serve model in which developers can publish their own titles, presumably with little intervention and delays from Discord's part.

To justify the move, Discord says it's talked to multiple developers and the general conclusion was that digital download stores aren't doing enough to earn their 30% cut. The company flatly says that it doesn't need anything approaching 30% of a title's price to digitally distribute it in this day and age. Discord thinks its services and tools are to thank for that competitor-undercutting advantage.

The company goes one step further and says it's considering lowering its cut below 10% in the future once it optimizes its tech and improves the Store's efficiency. Expect the Discord Store to begin its improvement process in 2019. 

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