LG 38GL950G G-Sync and 49WL95C mega-wide displays go big

Chances are that with the recent release of Nvidia's RTX pixel-pushers and the associated shifting in graphics card prices, you might be looking at acquiring a new monitor. LG seems to definitely think that bigger is better, as it's just pulled back the curtain on the 38GL950G and 49WL95C.

First, let's check out the gaming-grade 38GL950G. Its 38-inch, 21:9 curved panel has a resolution of 3840x1600 (works out to 109 PPI) and a 144-Hz refresh rate. That's already nice enough, but this particular display cocktail includes Nvidia G-Sync support and 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space.

The 38GL950G's average brightness is 450 cd/m², meaning the combined specs could make this an honest-to-goodness HDR display, though LG stops short of saying so in its press release. A USB hub and a tilt- and height-adjustable stand complete the specs table. All told, we figure the 38GL950G ticks all the right boxes for owners of high-end Nvidia cards, and we bet more than a few gerbils are interested already.

The 38GL950G is bred to be a gaming machine, but if all you need is a big workhorse, check out the 49WL95C. Much like its model number indicates, this is a humongous 49" curved monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. The resolution is 5120x1440, which works out to 108 PPI and also means the 49WL95C is equivalent to two 16:9 27" monitors side by side.

LG says the display's color gamut should cover 99% of the sRGB space, but oddly enough notes that it supports HDR10. The typical brightness is pinned at 350 cd/m², making for a healthy value but casting further doubt on the monitor's HDR-ness.

Unsurprisingly for a pixel slab this large, the 49WL95C supports picture-by-picture mode and also lets users control multiple attached devices with a single keyboard-and-mouse set. There's a four-port USB hub along with a USB Type-C connector that can provide 85 W to charge an attached device. A pair of 10-W speakers and a height-, tilt-, and swivel-adjustable stand round out the specs. LG mentions nothing about prices in its press release, but we wager that we'll know more on that front during CES 2019.

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