Radeon 18.12.3 drivers bring the Doc Martens down on bugs

The recent release of AMD's Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition is positively packed with features. As any developer knows, however, with a great number of features comes a great amount of bugs. Thankfully, AMD's devs are on the ball, and they just released the Radeon 18.12.3 driver package.

The latest update doesn't list any fancy new features, but does stomp down on a handful of bugs. The biggest one is of particular interest to owners of Vega cards, since they might have seen memory clocks locked at 800 MHz. Custom fan profiles for certain titles should no longer linger on after the game is closed, either. Radeon Settings ought to stop erroneously displaying an old driver version number, possibly confusing some users along the process.

There are additional fixes for minor UI issues in Radeon Overlay and Radeon Wattman. Owners of VR headsets should no longer see Radeon ReLive get corrupted for a few seconds after plugging them in either.

The known issues list for this release reveals a few select tidbits. Multi-monitor users could experience mouse lag if one of the displays is powered off, and zero-RPM fan mode may not kick in when switching between auto and manual fan controls. Custom WattMan settings may sometimes not stick with RX Vega cards, and the video player in Radeon Overlay may be a little jerky when moving the playback slider. The Radeon Software uninstaller may occasionally not remove Radeon Settings, too.

We figure that most Radeon users already have a notification and a request to download the new version. Those looking to install the 18.12.3 package directly can hit AMD's website. The curious can check out the full release notes here.

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