news merry christmas from the tech report staff

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

Whoosh. That's the sound of 2018 going out the door. This year saw the introduction of AMD's second-gen Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, as well as Nvidia's RTX graphics cards. Intel brought out its ninth-generation Core CPUs to the party, too.

The cryptocurrency-mining crisis died a much-deserved death, bringing graphics card prices down from the stratosphere, all while memory and SSD prices descended to sane levels. Nice monitors, particularly gaming-oriented ones, are as cheap as ever. All things considered, even though the days of performance doubling and tripling with new hardware releases are long gone, it's a great time to be a PC enthusiast.

You can currently get a ton of processor horsepower for a few hundred bucks. Coupled with low prices for the rest of the components, that means machines for gaming or work (or both, even) are pretty darn affordable. According to our collective eyeballs, PCs are quite popular among gamers young and old alike, and we're happy to see their return after a few years of declining relevance. We can only hope this trend continues and grows.

For our part, the TR staff thanks you for your continued support and patronage. Your engagement has kept the site going for a good long while, and we hope it continues on. Our new managing editor Seth Colaner just got in and he's getting the hang of things (read: readying the whip). Jeff Kampman is no longer in the office but he says hi, too. Our shortbread baker Colton Westrate is probably taking care of a busy household as we speak, all while Adam Eiberger is gearing up for CES season business. Have a merry Christmas, enjoy your time with your loved ones, and drive safely. We'll be back Wednesday. Cheers!

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  1. You know something’s wrong with the politically correct when Japan celebrates Christmas as Christmas, and they’re not Christian. People can celebrate Christmas for Santa Claus, which is the equivalent of the flying spaghetti monster. It’s a completely harmless and universal holiday that doesn’t need the PC police ruining everyone’s fun. Nice to see everyone here seems to have the same opinion on the matter.

    I don’t do much decorating, but I do enjoy the holiday steam sales. That’s my Christmas. Now back to Nier Automata.

  2. I could come at “grateful for”, but not “grateful to” – the equivalent, per your example, would be the employees dedicating a day of thanks to the cash and not the direct superior.

  3. I mean if Sol has been giving me food and warmth it’s entirely fair to be grateful to Sol even if Sol itself is the creation of $deity.

    It’s not like employees would be wrongly appreciative of a direct superior for taking care of them because he’s only doing it at the behest of the CEO.

  4. I read your post as an announcement over the intercom in Portal, with a slightly different computer voice for “Insert Here”


  5. Well, evidently it’s entirely possible (because you believe I just did it, right?)

    And, I mean, [url=<]srsly, bro[/url<].

  6. The Christians committed an early case of cultural appropriation on the Egyptians. Sadly, SJWs weren’t around to put them on blast through several long-winded tweets.

    You can’t say, “to be fair,” then give an unfair statement.

  7. Nothing complements love like 14nm. Say it with 14nm+. Give those precious moments a 14nm++ that lasts forever.

  8. To be fair, if Jesus is the creator (as Christianity claims) then crediting the sun is exactly “[l]ike crediting Santa for gifts when you know well enough he has earned none.”

  9. The sun has done more good for us than anything else so let’s take a few days of the there year to celebrate it, but not give it any credit.

    Like crediting Santa for gifts when you know well enough he has earned none.


    I got you covered with this +1.

  10. Merry Christmas, Gerbils!

    Self presents were a Black Friday $190 8gig RX580 to replace my 3gig, pain in the butt GTX960, and a Nintendo Switch.

  11. Prod the ram a little more, I got my flashed 56 to run ram @ 1100 on 850mv (or stock 900)
    my gpu had to run a touch higher though (1070mv)

  12. Congrats on the new card. That’s a good price for the Vega 64. We’re seeing some good prices in Canada for Vega cards as well, but I’m still holding onto my RX 480 (I remain a lowly 1080p peasant and the 480 still meets my needs). No tech toys for me this Christmas.

    I am eyeing a new build to power a 3440×1440 or 4K upgrade sometime in the New Year, though. I’m eagerly anticipating Zen 2 and Navi – may be looking at an all Red team build.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TR staff and readership!

  13. At Thanksgiving, I gave my brother an early present by “fixing” his dead Z87 motherboard by giving him a new motherboard… and my Core i7-8700K and 2×8 GiB of PC4-27200 memory. I upgraded my own system to a Core i7-9700K and 2×16 GiB of PC4-26600. 🙂

  14. Merry Christmas everybody! And to myself as well!

    I finally decided to snag the Reference Sapphire Vega 64 @ $399 + 3 free video games (which I’ll probably not play, but if its free…). I wanted to wait for a after-market version, but alas… the past two months haven’t had any non-reference Vega64 anywhere close to the $400 price point.

    I guess I’ll live with the noise, and work to undervolt the system to cut back on noise.

    The GTX 1080 would have been a close competitor, but its price skyrocketed for some reason. I can only see $550+ for the 1080. The 1070 Ti performs measurably worse in Blender, which will be my expected use case for the Vega 64 (+FreeSync monitor).


    Has anyone else bought themselves a nice christmas present?

  15. Merry Christmas to the Tech Report staff and former staff and Damage and all the gerbils scattered around the world!

    For those who speak SSK: MERRY X-MAS GUIZE!
    For those who speak Krogoth: Meh Christmas!
    For those who speak Klingon: {QISmaS}!

  16. As TR’s duly designated Intel shill, I’d like to wish everyone a [CORPORATE APPROVED NON-OFFENSIVE FESTIVITY NAME HERE] and remind everyone that in 2018 — and make that 2019 too — we here at Intel think traditions are important.

    You know, the same traditions that our grandparents enjoyed when they were kids including singing of generic non-triggering songs, “holiday” trees, and most importantly the magic of giving expensive gifts that have 14nm Intel silicon inside. We want these traditions to continue for at least a couple of more years to come.


    Your pal,