Big news, no news, and future news

Greetings, gerbils! We’re in the midst of a funky stretch on The Tech Report, wherein there was a big bombshell piece of news, presently a lot of no-news, and soon a great deal of news.

Big news

By now, faithful readers of The Tech Report are aware that Jeff Kampman has stepped down as Editor-in-Chief. Jeff poured himself into this site and onto these pages for many years, and his absence will be felt tremendously. But not to worry, friends; just as TR kept publishing excellent tech journalism after a raft of key folks bowed out a few years ago, we’ll continue to fulfill the mission of the publication in Jeff’s stead.

For the time being, we have an interim Managing Editor (that’s me) who’s here to keep the content flowing, handle any issues that may need addressing, and bring in the right person or people to take TR to the 20-year mark and beyond.

Like the Ship of Theseus, The Tech Report has been guided by different minds over the years yet has retained the same spirit and devotion to independent tech journalism throughout. Going forward, those of us tasked with guiding the ship onward take that legacy as a (sorry) lodestar.

Some things will certainly change, but hopefully those changes will be for the better. One thing that won’t change, we hope, is the tremendous support that you in the community show us, both in your engagement with our work and with your dollars. You folks keep us going in multiple ways.

No news

All tech journos will tell you that the stretch between Christmas and CES is dry. The whole industry just seems to go dark right before the somewhat grotesque techy glitter bomb that is CES. And so, between the editor transition, our own post-holiday travel, and wandering in the tech news desert that appears this time of year, there has been very little of note wending down the ‘ol news wire.

It is the calm before the storm.

Future news

The consumer tech world descends upon Las Vegas every second week of January for CES. In a brash display of humanity’s great hubris, the CEA tries to cram a massive, ungainly professional conference into a city that’s just trying to enjoy a raging party all day and all night. But it’s one of our biggest tradeshows of the year, and it will be the source of buckets and buckets of news for most of January.

We’ll be there, pounding the pavement, reporting on all the stuff you care about. We will sleep little, eat on the run, and avoid the alcohol (despite the fact that much of the booze is free) while we’re in Sin City, all for you. Stay tuned for the deluge of new stuff from CES.  

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