Adata to debut new DDR4 memory, XPG "gaming" SSD, and more at CES 2019

In case you've somehow lost track of time amid the holiday break, CES is a week away. As Seth noted, we'll be at the show, although this humble news-writer in particular is staying home. The first pre-CES announcement we've received comes from Adata, who we'll meet up with in Vegas. But the company already outed some of its new products.

Adata's SX8200 M.2 SSD

Naturally, Adata's CES release remarks that the company will be showing off the highlights of its current lineup. Those include the Spectrix RGB D80 "liquid-cooled" RAM, as well as the XPG Gammix S11 Pro and SX8200 Pro SSDs. To these seasoned eyes, the "Pro" variants of those SSDs appear to be nearly the same products as before, but perhaps we'll see some more notable differences once we get details at CES.

Adata's bringing some new hardware along, too, though. Another line of XPG Spectrix DDR4 memory is on the way, and it seems this series has some of the most, erm, extravagant RGB LED lighting we've ever seen on a memory module. Folks who prize RGB LEDs will surely be pleased, and everyone else can enjoy the delightful "shurichicken" logo on the side.

The company's also bringing a new XPG "gaming SSD" to the show. The M.2 drive will hook up to NVMe by way of PCIe 3.0 x4, and Adata says users can expect sequential read speeds up to 3500 MB/sec. That's on par with the aforementioned SX8200—which is the company's fastest SSD—and so this may be a close relative of that drive with an RGB LED-festooned heatsink attached.

Adata says that the SE800 External SSD supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, allowing the Type-C-connected SSD to read and write at up to 1000 MB/sec. The company's release doesn't explicitly say so, but we presume those numbers are for sequential accesses. The SE800 is joined by the HC770 external hard drive. We didn't get any details about the HC770's technical specifications, but it will apparently include RGB LED lighting.

Finally, while primarily known for memory products, Adata sells a small selection of gaming peripherals. Folks at CES will get to see a new version of the company's gaming headset, called the EMIX H30 SE. There will also be an as yet unnamed mechanical keyboard. While this won't be Adata's first mechanical keyboard (that would be the Infarex K20), it will be the first one to use Cherry MX switches. Greens, to be specific.

We'll surely see all of this and more at the big show in Vegas. Stay tuned for more CES news.

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