The scoop on RAM's future

Mike Magee over at the Inquirer has the scoop from IDF about what's next for memory. RDRAM is getting faster, but it's not clear whether Intel will stick with Rambus beyond the end of this year. Meanwhile, plans for DDR-II are brewing, and Mike thinks Intel may be ready to settle on this type of memory when the time comes.
In any case, Ahmad more or less gave the game away when he said that DDR II will be positioned for desktop, mobile and server applications - which kind of underlines the desire to have one technology type.
More immediately, more and more folks are saying DDR333 will make it into the mainstream—but not until 2003! I have to wonder what they mean by "mainstream," however. DDR is only now supplanting PC133 memory as the big OEMs' favorite option for corporate desktops and basic home PCs, well over a year after it first arrived and over six months after it became the "best" choice. Will DDR333 follow a similar trajectory, or are DDR333 chipsets just way too early to the party?
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