Light up your RAM with Thermaltake's WaterRam and Pacific R1

Thermaltake is well known for their cases and cooling parts, among other things, but the company has expanded its reach once again. It sells RAM now. No, really—check out Thermaltake's WaterRam RGB liquid-cooling memory.

Each module comes equipped with a heatspreader formed from 2-mm-thick aluminum that is flat on the top and has screw holes for mounting the waterblock's nickel-plated-copper baseplate. Once you've attached the baseplate, affix the RGB-LED-laden waterblock on the top and hook it into your custom liquid-cooling loop.

Thermaltake is careful to note that you don't have to use the waterblock with its WaterRam, because you should still get solid cooling performance from air flowing over the large heatspreaders. Buying WaterRam and not using the included waterblock seems like a bit of a waste to us, though. After all, you'd miss out on that glorious RGB lighting, which can be synchronized with addressable LED lighting on Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock motherboards.

Alternatively, if you're just after some RGB LEDs to light up that dark spot next to your CPU socket, there's the Pacific R1 Plus memory lighting kit. This is a plastic shroud that you can snap on over your actual RAM to add addressable RGB LED lighting in place of your boring old non-RGB memory modules. It also supports synchronization with most vendors' lighting schemata, and jokes aside, could seriously improve the look of an RGB-heavy system.

To be clear, the memory included with the WaterRam is normal Hynix DDR4 memory clocked at 3200 MT/s with 16-cycles CAS latency. Thermaltake is currently only offering 8GB modules in sets of two or four. If you've seen all you need to see and must order right now, you can do so at Thermaltake's TT Premium web shop: The 16GB WaterRam kit will run you $250, and the 32GB kit costs $440. The Pacific R1 Plus memory lighting kit will be $60 when it comes into stock.

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