Radeon Software version 19.1.1 kills bugs dead

The latest Radeon driver is the first release of 2019, and so it follows that it's called Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition. Driver version 19.1.1 is an optional release, and there's not a whole lot to it. However, if you (or your kids) like to yeet people off hastily-constructed stairways and then floss over their comically positioned ragdolls, then you'll probably appreciate this update's optimizations for Fortnite. AMD says this driver offers a staggering 4% performance uplift on Epic's mega-hit battle-royale builder.

This screenshot makes more sense than Gen-Z humor, at least.

Jokes aside, this appears to primarily be a fix-up release. The strange mouse lag caused by turning off one of many connected displays—a bug I ran into myself—has been resolved. Using Radeon Enhanced Sync on games using the Vulkan API should no longer cause tearing. Eyefinity setups should save custom color profile options now, and Virtual Super Resolution should be available on ultra-wide displays that are 1440 pixels tall. Finally, task switching with Alt+Tab should stop lagging up your whole system even worse than normal.

The majority of the fixes were actually to AMD's software itself. Radeon Settings should stop notifying you about new software even when the notifications are off, and it should show the correct driver version after updating through its updater. The AMD Upgrade Advisor built into Radeon Settings should stop suggesting older versions of Radeon Software, and it generally should be more reliable at detecting games and providing compatibility recommendations.

Unfortunately I can't show you what it looks like when you don't meet the requirements for a game.

Radeon Wattman settings should reset correctly when you click reset now. Likewise, cards that support stopping their fans at idle should be better supported in Wattman. Also, the AMD Settings app should quit crashing when you page through Radeon Wattman tabs. AMD fixed another crash too, which would happen when people clicked "restart" after a new driver install. The Radeon performance overlay should adapt correctly to in-game resolution changes now, and Radeon ReLive should correctly upload queued videos.

Some issues still persist, naturally. Most troublesome is that display pixel format and HDMI underscan settings may not stick after a system restart. Uninstalling Radeon Software may not remove Radeon Settings, and Radeon Wattman settings may not apply correctly on RX Vega cards. Radeon Overlay's in-overlay video player "may experience smoothness issues" when seeking. Finally, if anyone out there is playing Battlefield V on a Radeon, you may experience character outlines stuck on screen after being revived.

This driver update is for most recent Radeon hardware that isn't stuffed inside a Ryzen Mobile APU. While AMD did say that Ryzen Mobile APUs will be brought into the fold for driver updates along with the rest of the Radeon family, that hasn't happened yet. As usual, you can read the release notes for yourself here, or just grab the latest Radeon Driver from AMD's download site.

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