news mushkin refreshes its ssd lineup including 2 tb pilot e

Mushkin refreshes its SSD lineup, including 2 TB Pilot-E

It's been quite some time since we had a Mushkin SSD laid bare on our testbench, but the company hasn't been sitting on its laurels since we gave the Reactor 1 TB our hearty recommendation. At CES this year, the company had a whole arsenal of drives on display.

Let's start with the low end. The Source 2, as you might expect, is a new and improved version of Mushkin's Source SSD, which was the company's first 3D TLC drive. The Source 2 makes the upgrade to Micron's latest 96-layer 3D TLC flash and Silicon Motion's SM2258XT controller, but it's still a budget-oriented, DRAM-less drive. The Source 2 will be available in capacities as small as 120 GB and as large as 1 TB, with the quickest versions hitting 560 MB/s sequential reads and 520 MB/s sequential writes. Random reads clock up to 78K IOps, and random writes up to 81K. Not very groundbreaking, perhaps, but the world needs entry-level SATA SSDs.

Next up are a pair of PCIe x4, NVMe drives: the Helix-L and Pilot-E. Early versions of these M.2 gumsticks were spotted last year at CES, but it seems the two have reached their final forms, and launch is nigh. The Helix-L is sort of a gussied-up Source 2, similarly packing 96-layer 3D NAND and omitting a DRAM cache. Silicon Motion's SM2263XT runs the show. It will come in 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB versions, the largest of which will stretch to 1710 MB/s sequential reads and 1500 MB/s sequential writes. On the random side, reads will peak at 235K IOps and writes at 272K IOps.

The Pilot-E is the most exciting of Mushkin's internal drives, without question. It's essentially the same as the existing Pilot drive, but upgraded to Silicon Motion's SM2262EN from the SM2262. On paper, the old Pilot was similar to Adata's excellent XPG SX8200, so releasing an upgraded follow-up is just fine in our book. The top-end Pilot-E will be a whopping 2 TB unit that reaches sequential read speeds of 3300 MB/s and write speeds of 2480 MB/s. Random reads will scale up 369K IOps, with writes going just a bit further to 377K IOps.

Finally, Mushkin brought a duo of detachable data devices, the Carbon X100 and Carbon Z100 external SSDs. The company didn't share exact specs with us, but the X100 is a USB 3.1 Gen2 SSD that will allegedly deliver symmetric 1000 MB/s sequential read and write rates. The Z100 is an aluminum-clad, Thunderbolt 3 affair that promises to be even faster. From what we've seen other companies produce in terms of high-speed external SSDs, we wouldn't be surprised to find out that the X100 and Z100 are just Helix-L and Pilot-E drives strapped to bridge controllers and tucked away into enclosures. Stay tuned for launch dates and target prices as we get our hands on them.

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  7. I think they could’ve chosen a nicer-looking helix for that M.2 drive. Kinda reminds me of those dark horror movies.

  8. Only when they periodically revise the tests. I hadn’t been aware of a revision of the baseline for the standard tests. Srsly_Bro’s link to the Flynn Effect covered it nicely if you’re curious.

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  10. seems they don’t want to have fun reading, even if it is something remotely technical.

    the few things that keep me reading as i so rarely do are Gaiman and Stephenson who seem to often play with their language. i’ve also noticed similar playfulness in the computer world (slightly) with some JonnyGuru reviews.

    not sure where i was going, but in the end, it keeps this tech stuff from becoming a dry analysis like the Guar Gum book my mom edited back back in uni

  11. Check this link for more info, bro. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

    [url<][/url<] And to answer your question, yes.

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  13. Find a real problem. Quite trying to nitpick his writing style. Since it so obviously offends you and your attitude about how ALL tech writers SHOULD write, look for his name in the byline and kindly hit the back button. Read elsewhere. You won’t be missed, we promise.

    Oh, and no, I do not know usacomp. Just in case you wanted to use that cheap retort.

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    Actually I am well read, and a published author. I believe modern science and technology should try to make things as simple as possible.

    If you like creative writing, you can read the comments in my “It Occurs To Me” blog:

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    Another point: ‘nigh’ is a word that’s about as common as ‘purportedly’, and TR members see it as a very bad sign if ‘purportedly’ goes missing for a couple weeks.

  46. Not quite sure to whom you’re referring as you replied to him twice, but it doesn’t really matter.

    Nigh is not an uncommon word. Maybe English isn’t your first language? That would explain it.

  47. “The End is Nigh” is what would’ve been called a meme back when the Bible and Shakespeare were the source of them all. The phrase is still well-known enough that there’s a game on Steam called that, and widespread enough that wikipedia has a disambiguation page for it.

  48. Yes, that was the direction of my musing. Whenever I see the NVMe gumsticks I think about that, though it’s only the higher-performant ones during intensive (and for most home users, fairly rare) workloads.

  49. I don’t read a lot of books these days, and I’ve never read one that has this word in it as far as I know… and even I know what “nigh” means.

  50. Valid, yes. As my Googling referenced post mentioned .. duh.
    The point is: IMHO, most here would NOT recognize the meaning of ‘nigh’ here. Want to create a poll or quiz?

    Frankly, I HATE tech writers who do not understand that SIMPLICITY is valued by tech readers. Save you literary ambitions for elsewhere. Maybe you need to change jobs?

    Your only response, to save your job is: “I apologize. Will try to embrace simplicity in the future”.

  51. Maybe you should read books more often. ‘Nigh’ is a perfectly valid word to use in this case for educated adults.

  52. Some of the higher-performing NVMe drives can get pretty hot. The 950 Pro (and a few more) could even throttle if your case wasn’t ventilated well enough. I wouldn’t call heatsinks for these things necessary, but they can help in some cases.

  53. Tony Thomas wrote>”… launch is nigh …”

    WTF is ‘nigh’.
    Ok, Googling shows it means ‘near’.

    Why not use ‘near’ Mr. Tomas?
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    I come to The Tech Report to read about technical information.
    Save your obtuse literary references to you literary ambitions.
    Join a creative writing group, if you must. Write elsewhere.

  54. Do you need a heat sink for a SSD? Don’t they only use a fraction of a watt or something? I guess I’ve never really looked.

  55. The aluminum enclosures are nice to look at and I’m sure they’re fairly sturdy but I’ll be a lot more impressed if companies are actually putting TIM in there so they’re functional as passive heat sinks.