Intel pimp slaps Via

It's "The Man keepin' me down" day here at TR, with yet another tale of corporate bullying and legal browbeating. Our next victim today is Via, the upstart PC chipset maker whose products have recently surpassed Intel's ill-fated 820 series in the technology race. Check out this report or this one about Intel's latest legal move, intended to halt the import and sale of Via chipsets in the U.S. (Links courtesy of TR newsman Maizel.)

The thing about this incident that just confounds me is this: Micron's award-winning Millennia MAX PCs are pretty much the fastest Intel-based systems with a price this side of outrageous. The reason? These systems, rather uniquely, use 133MHz SDRAM on a 133MHz front-side bus¬ócourtesy of a Via chipset. These boxes compete quite well with Athlon PCs, by the way. But it seems the success of the platform is less important to Intel than protecting their own market dominance. Hmmm.. Someone call the FTC.

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