Lian-Li TU150's hidden handle hides cables, too

That Lian-Li had a Mini-ITX case to show off at CES 2019 isn't that notable, but the TU150 we saw in the company's suite had a couple of nifty surprises. 

There's a hidden handle on top that pops out so you can easily carry the case. When you don't need it, the handle lays flush with the top panel of the chassis, marked only by some space on either side so your fingers can reach down and grip it. But when you lift it up, the handle extends out to give you something that's easy to grab.  

In designing the handle, a Lian-Li rep told me, they stumbled onto a solution for cable management. Because the extendable handle takes up some depth—an inch or so, it seems—they had a lot of extra space along the top of the TU150 to work with. They opted to use it for cable management. They fit the fan controller hub in there as well, because hey, why not. 

That leaves the back of the motherboard more free of cable clutter. Lian-Li hasn't taken much advantage of the newfound tidiness, though, by using a standard opaque side panel on othe right side. Maybe that would be a nice spot for a second tempered-glass panel and some RGB lighting strips. 

However, the main side panel that shows off the goods is tempered glass, which is always a nice touch. It lets you see the two 120-mm LED-lit fans, one on the back and one in the front, that are included with the case. A Lian-Li rep said the idea was to align the fans and create a "wind tunnel" of sorts. 

The TU150 is designed to accommodate large components, including a full-size graphics card. It has clearance for a 175-mm CPU cooler, and indeed, the demo unit has a beefy one inside. The whole case is tool-less, so you can easily pull off panels as need be with your bare hands. A power button, two USB 3.1 ports, and two audio inputs adorn the top of the chassis.

You can enjoy the handle and the cable management it affords soon. The TU150 is coming in Q2, or may possibly slide into Q3, according to Lian-Li, and it will cost $99.

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