G.Skill's latest Trident Z kit bumps Threadripper RAM to 3466 MT/s

If you're into hardware at all—and if you're reading this, we presume that you are—then you probably already know that Ryzen parts need fast RAM to maximize their potential. You probably also know that the more memory channels you pile on, the harder it is to maintain signal integrity (and thus system stability). That's more than likely the reason that Ryzen Threadripper doesn't usually match its single-die cousins' maximum memory transfer rates. G.Skill, never content to let things be as they are, just announced that it has new RAM on the way that takes all four of a Threadripper's memory channels to 3466 MT/s.

The latest Trident Z RGB RAM falls under G.Skill's "TZRX" models, meaning that it's high-performance RGB LED-laden memory intended for an AMD platform. In this particular case, the four modules of DDR4 memory running at 3466 MT/s are meant for the AMD X399 platform upon which Threadripper CPUs generally rest. Unusually, G.Skill's announcement didn't include a range of capacities or speeds; it seems this new RAM will come only in a pack of four 8GB modules, totaling 32GB capacity.

Like most high-performance DDR4 memory, G.Skill's upcoming Trident Z for Threadripper requires 1.35 volts to do its thing. Latencies on the new Threadripper-targeted RAM are pretty loose: The CAS latency is 18 cycles, and it only goes up from there. Still, on Ryzen, the transfer rate is arguably more important, given the way it interacts with the CPU's interconnects.

Continuing the "light on details" trend, G.Skill declined to say how much it would ask for the new kit, but the company did remark that it would be available in Q1 of this year.

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