Alphacool starts in on servers at CES 2019

German water-cooling outfit Alphacool had a pile of new gear to show off at CES 2019, ranging from a unique showpiece prototype to liquid cooling for the data center. 

Alphacool Eisball prototype

The coolest thing (pun) that Alphacool brought to CES was a prototype of its upcoming Eisball pump-and-reservoir combo. The company didn't share much in the way of specifications but said that the Eisball integrates one of its D5 series pumps with a unique reservoir that actually uses the the water it stores for noise insulation. The metal ring around the outside is loaded with addressable RGB LEDs, and the reservoir itself has four different ports so you can connect hoses however you like. Alphacool says it expects to launch the Eisball this quarter but doesn't know how much it will cost yet.

Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme

The Eisbaer Extreme liquid coolers have perhaps a broader appeal than the glowing orb above. Alphacool says the Eisebaer Extreme series are its "most powerful and best-performing" all-in-one liquid coolers ever. This model in particular is primarily a new radiator and fan housing that can be purchased on its own (fitted with two Silent Wings 3 fans from be quiet!) as the "CORE," or together with Alphacool's Eisblock XPX and the appropriate hoses and fittings. While Alphacool doesn't specify a maximum TDP for the Eisbaer Extreme, the cooler's datasheet does note that it will handle almost anything out there, from LGA 1366 to Socket TR4.

Alphacool Eisblock XPX Pro 1U

Speaking of the Eisblock XPX, Alphacool also just released the Eisblock XPX Pro 1U. This is an extra-large version of the Eisblock XPX waterblock that is specifically designed for oversized server and workstation CPUs. Alphacool notes that the Eisblock XPX Pro 1U is exceptionally flat, helping it fit in cramped server cabinets. Indeed, true to the name, it can even go in 1U rack enclosures. The block has three inlets and five outlets, so builders can customize their connections to accommodate their chassis.

Alphacool X-Flow radiators

Said inlets and outlets could conceivably be connected to the company's new X-Flow solid copper radiators in 40-mm and 80-mm widths. These units are, like the new Eisblock above, intended for narrow server racks where the company's usual 120-mm and 140-mm radiators simply wouldn't fit. Liquid cooling isn't something we traditionally see in the datacenter, but perhaps as TDPs climb ever higher, it could become more common. Alphacool says it's eager to combine and pre-fill pump-radiator-reservoir-waterblock combo orders into "custom all-in-one" solutions.

Personally, I'm most excited about the Aquacool Fun Baseball. Most of the above products are either already available or will be available this quarter from AquaTuning, Alphacool's main U.S. distributor. 

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