Lian Li’s next-gen DK-04-F standing desk has a new trick

I'm not a standing-desk person myself (I sit for long stretches, then get up and pace around like a loon), but Lian Li knows there's a taste for the vertically gifted  workstations. The company has been making them for years--no really, as far as back as 2015 at least, with new versions popping up over the years. At CES 2019, the case maker had a new version on display called the DK-04-F.

Meant ostensibly as an update to the DK-04, the DK-04-F's chief new feature is the ability to switch between a clear glass top and a foggy one with the touch of a button on the included remote control. It's exactly the kind of neat thing that nobody needs that's meant to grab our attention when we visit a company at a tradeshow, but, is pretty cool to see it in action:

There weren't many additional details available at the show, but it appears that Lian Li has brought some of the obvious design changes of the DK-05 to bear on this model. Most notably, the DK-04-F lacks the front-side 5.25" bay option that its predecessors offered, and it has the same right-side orientation for its height adjustment controls as the DK-05. You can save up to four preset heights and recall them by pressing a button. 

The I/O panel sits just above the height controls and includes a USB Type-C port, four USB Type-A 3.1 ports, an HMDI port, and two 3.5mm audio jacks. This is designed to be VR-ready. 

The left side of the DK-04-F is a little different than its siblings. It has a simple, flat panel that appears to offer fan controls. You should be able to punch the fan speeds up or down. It may also offer some lighting control, too. Why the confusion? It's currently not functional, and we believe that Lian Li is still figuring out what exactly to put there. Fan controls? RGB controls? All of the above? Sure, why not.

These Lian Li standing desks can house entire high-end PC systems, functioning as both case and table. They can handle any motherboard type, extensive liquid cooling setups, and tons of storage drives, and they offer plenty of clearances for long graphics cards and tall CPU coolers.

Lian Li didn't say when the DK-04-F was coming, but reps did state that it will cost $1200 and will be available on Newegg in North America. That's a lot of bones for a desk and PC case, but it seems like a bargain compared to the $2000 DK-05X that's posted on Newegg (and is currently out of stock). 

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