news be quiet fills out its fan lineup with shadow wings 2 pure wings 2

Be quiet! fills out its fan lineup with Shadow Wings 2, Pure Wings 2

German case and cooling manufacturer be quiet! already sells a whole series of fans, but today the Shadow Wings series got an upgrade to version two, while the Pure Wings 2 family gained some new members as well.

We saw be quiet! at CES and snapped a shot of the Shadow Wings 2 fans in white.

The Shadow Wings 2 fans are 120- and 140-mm fans (sold with or without PWM speed control) that are designed for low-noise operation. The manufacturer says that, thanks to its airflow-optimized design, the 140-mm Shadow Wings 2 fan can move 49.8 CFM of air while spinning at just 900 RPM. 

As you'd expect from such a low rotational speed, these fans are functionally silent. Be quiet! specs the loudest Shadow Wings 2 fan for 15.7 dBA at full speed—well below the noise floor in most environments. Naturally, be quiet! says these are the quietest fans in its lineup.

be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140-mm fan. Source: be quiet!

The company is also offering high-speed versions of its Pure Wings 2 fans. The new high-speed fans are available in 120- and 140-mm with or without PWM speed control. Despite the "high-speed" appellation, these fans top out at 2,000 RPM, which means they still remain relatively quiet at a maximum noise level of 36.3 dBA. The company is called "be quiet!" after all.

We couldn't find the new fans at Newegg or Amazon yet, but be quiet! says they should be available very soon. The Shadow Wings 2 fans will start at $16 for a basic 120-mm model and go up to $19 for the 140-mm PWM-controlled version. Meanwhile, the high-speed Pure Wings 2 fans will start at $12.50 and end up at $14.

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  1. I can’t speak for open air but as rad fans the Silent wing 3 fans leave noctua in the dust. Neck and neck with ML for best rad fans. I can’t really think what I’d use noctua for these days besides odd size stuff like 92mm or 200mm where competition is low.

  2. Noctua specs are still definitely better (for corresponding sizes), but it would be nice to have more competition I guess. Noctua fans are friggin’ expensive, but I love ’em.