1. House passes controversial broadband bill (thanks billb)
  2. Using Apple's iPod to bootleg stuff (thanks MJS)
  3. Nokia for Open Source (thanks billb)
  4. A rant on HP's customer support (thanks Hunter Viking)
  5. 3DSpotlight refreshes OS updates page
  6. tüplay reviews Click & Design 3D
  7. Website du jour: The Graphix Lair
Motherboards, storage, and graphics

  1. t-break has ECS P4IBAD review
    and Asus GF4 Ti 4600 competition
  2. PCstats reviews VIA P4PA
  3. X-bit labs reviews Western Digital 1200JB HDD
  4. Digit-Life's DVD-RW drives roundup
  5. OcPrices reviews Creative GF4 MX 440
  6. VIAHardware asks, "Can integrated graphics perform?"
  7. 3DSpotlight updates NVIDIA GeForce tweaking guide
Multimedia and cooling

  1. EXHardware reviews RODE NT1000 studio microphone
  2. FrostyTech on melamine foam sound proofing for the computer case
  3. HexedReviews on BSquared Stereo VU Meter
  4. Mikhailtech reviews EverCool CUC610 hybrid heatsink
  5. FrictionTech's 7-way coolers comparison
  6. BurnOut Pc and Overclockedcafe review Zalman 6000 heatsink
  7. Mikhailtech's 3-way Arkua heatsinks roundup
  8. ReviewMakers on Arctic Silver 3
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