Nvidia GeForce hotfix driver 417.75 fixes flickering G-Sync displays

Do you have a GeForce graphics card? Do you also have a G-Sync monitor? If so, do you use it alongside displays connected over HDMI? Does your G-Sync display then flicker? If you answered "yes" to all of the preceding questions, Nvidia has a driver just for you. The green giant just released GeForce Hotfix Driver version 417.75, and its singular release note is that it should resolve flicker in the above situation.

The new driver isĀ for 64-bit editions of Windows 10 only, but unlike Intel, Nvidia still serves up its driver releases in "standard" and "DCH" formats. That means users who are still on older releases of Windows 10 can install this driver. Given that Microsoft seems intent on pushing the Windows Modern Driver standard, it will be interesting to see how much longer GeForce users can stave off the seemingly inevitable change-over.

It's not clear whether Nvidia is talking about classical, "proper" G-Sync displays or if this driver also clears up issues with "G-Sync Compatible" (read: FreeSync) monitors. Regardless, if you've been suffering through flickering on your GeForce-connected screen, give this driver a try and let us know if it fixes up your issues.

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