Load up Radeon Software 19.1.2 before you hop in your Javelin

AMD sent us an e-mail to remind us of its Raise the Game Fully Loaded bundle, which gets you The Division 2, Devil May Cry 5, and the Resident Evil 2 re-make for free when you buy a Radeon RX 590 (or faster) graphics card, or a PC so-equipped. That's pretty cool, but the more interesting part of that e-mail was the bit where AMD told us that Radeon Software version 19.1.2 is out.

By the way, the RE2 Remake is absolutely amazing.

The latest Radeon driver brings game-specific support for Tropico 6, the aforementioned Resident Evil 2 re-make, and the "VIP Demo" of Anthem that's happening this weekend. If you're keen to try Bioware's new powered armor-centric looter shooter, Origin Access subscribers and pre-order customers can jump in this weekend to try it out—at least, if the servers come back up. Otherwise, just wait until next weekend (February 1-3) when there's an open beta for any and all.

Anthem. Not Destiny. Really!

Radeon Software 19.1.2 fixes a number of issues, most notably one where some displays would experience a black screen on reboot until the display is power cycled. Rocket League should stop flickering in FreeSync mode. Radeon Settings should stop suggesting a driver update when there isn't one, and it also shouldn't crash when you refresh the Upgrade Advisor repeatedly. Radeon Settings should also get installed no matter what you select in a custom installation from now on.

That Battlefield V bug. Yep, that's pretty annoying. Image: EA

However, uninstalling Radeon Software may not actually remove Radeon Settings. That problem with the character outlines getting stuck on screen in Battlefield V is still hanging around. Similarly, even though AMD said it fixed the "mouse lag with multiple displays connected and one turned off" issue in 19.1.1, it's actually found its way back onto the known issues list. Display pixel format settings and HDMI underscan settings may not hang around after a system restart, while custom WattMan settings may not apply correctly on RX Vega cards. Finally, Radeon ReLive may capture videos with inverted colors.

If you're afraid we've missed something, you can hit up the release notes for yourself to check. Alternatively, just grab the new driver from AMD's download site, or post in the comments below about how much you hope Navi is good.

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