G.Skill takes eight sticks of DDR4 to 4266 MT/s on X299

One way to get gobs of memory bandwidth is to ramp up the transfer rate to ridiculous levels. Alternatively, you could adopt a platform with more memory channels. In the words of Old El Paso, ¿por qué no los dos? G.Skill would like to help you along the path toward cresting the 128GB/sec memory bandwidth mark, and to assist in such endeavors, it's offering up 64-GB kits composed of eight 8-GB modules running at 4266 MT/s.

Obviously, an 8x8-GB memory kit isn't news, and neither would be a 4266 MT/s kit. Keeping your RAM running at such high speeds when you're using all eight slots is a much greater challenge, though. Experienced gerbils won't be surprised to read that the new RAM requires some fairly loose timings. However, even with 18 cycles of CAS latency, this RAM is still quite a bit lower latency than, say, DDR4 at 2666 MT/s with CAS 15.

The new RAM will be available in G.Skill's Trident Z Royal series (as pictured above), or if you're allergic to bling, as Trident Z RGB instead. To be clear, G.Skill promotes the RAM for use only with Intel's X299 platform. You can surely put it in a Threadripper machine, but don't expect to get the full speed out of it. If you've got a Core i9 Extreme and a thirst for memory throughput, look out for these new kits in March.

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