FSP's CMT340 is a modest tower with major luminescence

FSP Group is famous for its quality (and sometimes quirky) power supplies. Did you know the company also sells a whole line of computer cases? Me neither, but as it turns out, the CMT340 is only the latest in a lineage of computer cases. This new model is similar to a few other cases we've seen in that it has tempered-glass windows on the front and side to allow its four included RGB LED fans to shine through.

The four fans are connected to an included lighting controller that has six fan connectors in total. A switch on the front of the case allows you to cycle through 20 different lighting modes. If you prefer, you can instead hook it up to your motherboard's addressable lighting connector to synchronize all six connected fans to the rest of your LED-encrusted hardware.

As a full-ATX mini-tower case, the CMT340 is relatively trim at 35L. There's no 5.25" bay up front, so you've got the full interior space of the case for your parts. That leaves room for graphics cards up to 13.8" long (35cm) and CPU coolers up to 6.3" tall (16cm). Of course, to shrink the case down from the 50+ liters of typical desktop towers, something had to go. In the CMT340, it was storage space: Two 3.5" bays and two 2.5" mounts are all you get.

To be fair, that should probably do it—especially given the proliferation of M.2 storage these days. Fan accommodations are similar; aside from the four pre-installed fans, you can put two more 120- or 140-mm fans in the top. Folks who prefer water cooling can put radiators up to 240 mm in the top and up to 360 mm in the front. In fact, FSP says the CMT340 is the "world's smallest mid-tower chassis that can fit a 360-mm radiator."

If you like the mix of understated exterior and exuberant lighting, FSP says the CMT340 is available now—although we couldn't find it at U.S. e-tail. When it does come around, FSP says the case should go for a cool hundred bucks.

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