news sharkoons vg6 cases go easy on your piggy bank

Sharkoon’s VG6 cases go easy on your piggy bank

A few gerbils expressed disappointed at the absence of 5.25" drive bays in the last few cases we peeked at. Yes, contrary to popular belief, there are still some use cases for optical storage media. If you liked one of those cases but need the extra-wide drive slot, Sharkoon can set you up. The company's VG6-W cases are full ATX mini-towers that sit a hair under 40 L, and they include a 5.25" drive bay among other features.

The VG6-W actually comes in four variations. Three are identical, save for the color of the LED-lit fans included: red, green, or blue. The fourth model, naturally, comes with a trio of RGB LED spinners as well as a four-device addressable lighting controller. Select from one of the fourteen built-in lighting modes, or hook up the controller to your motherboard's addressable RGB LED header if you prefer. Besides the fan-mounted lighting, all four models are the same steel case with acrylic windows.

You get spaces to mount three 3.5" drives, four 2.5" drives, and the aforementioned 5.25" device. Two 120-mm fans sit behind an acrylic panel up front, while a third rests in the usual spot in the back. There aren't any other fan mounts, so you'll be replacing the included fans if you want different ones. Up on the front, above the 5.25" bay, there's the usual buttons and audio jacks as well as a pair each of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. The case offers seven expansion slots—standard ATX, remember—and mounts its power supply in the bottom. There's no shroud, but there never is on cases in this price range.

Speaking of pricing, here's the real story with the VG6-W: The single-color models will run you 44.90€, while the RGB LED version is 10€ more at 54.90€. Sharkoon (a German company) says they're already available, and indeed we found them at Rot, Grün, Blau, und RGB. There's no telling when these cases will hit U.S. shores—there are a few Sharkoon cases at both Newegg and Amazon US—but we reckon they'll run you about the same numerical values in American greenbacks when they do.

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  1. Can’t say too much about this case but some of the other Sharkoon cases I’ve used where really amazing quality for the price.

  2. I want to up vote you for the fix, but down vote you for stretching it in the subsequent paragraph. Net result, no vote, sorry bro.

  3. Reckon it wasn’t too expensive, either.

  4. I agree but this case isn’t half as bad as some graphics cards and cases from Taiwan.

    Guess we’re in this era where everything looks gaudy, making black, plain-looking Lian Li cases look very nice in comparison.

  5. I miss the conservative styling of not just PC enclosures but everything else in the late 80’s into the early 90’s. I suppose today’s common gaudy/garish styling stems from designers too afraid of the possibility that their product may look boring. In a way it’s probably brought about by reviewers bashing products about 10-18 years ago for looking boring.

  6. I burn stuff from time to time, but my USB burner gets the job done. Most of the time it’s for my MM3-modded PS1 or bootcart-equipped Saturn. I have the 5.25″ bays, but looked ahead to a time when I wouldn’t when my last DVD-RW drive died.

  7. i have moved to a usb blu ray drive, i find its much more useful than an internal drive as i can use it with multiple computers

  8. Or in front of*

    6/10 missed opportunity.

    “I can get behind a case that’s easy on my piggy bank, but I can’t get in front of a case that’s not easy on the eyes.”


    You’re welcome, bro.

    Also, your votes are from people who don’t understand humor or logic. How can you be behind this case and have it not be easy on the eyes with no rear LED fan. The fans are in the front! You’re looking at the back of the case if you’re behind it. Smh. I feel it is my duty to big brother you people and over-explain to prevent this from happening again. Travesty to humor and logic imo

    I’m not a pedant; this is logic.

  9. Hold on, it’s really unfair to generalize this to Asian styling. This is more Chinese, Taiwan style to be more accurate.

  10. I literally just burned a software Live CD ISO to a CD 3 days ago. So much simpler than having to image a USB. Plus now whenever I need the software it’s already on CD. Labeled and everything.

    Edit. Also 5.25 bays don’t have to be used for optical media. 2 days ago I set up an adapter so I can fit 4 SSDs in my extra 5.25 bay.

  11. Wow, it’s a shame that a half-decent internal layout, inclusion of a PWM hub, and very good value for money have to come with such a hideous “worst of the noughties” asian styling.

    I’m sure someone will find them attractive, but I was kind of hoping that a german company would be all about the minimalst efficiency of clean styling.

  12. Yours and everyone else who might be unfortunate to make eye contact with it.

    I really don’t understand where case manufacturers are hiring their designers from these days. Hideous design is pretty much the norm instead of the exception.

  13. I can get behind a case that’s easy on my piggy bank. What I can’t get behind is a case that’s not easy on my eyes.