GeForce driver 418.81 brings RTX to laptops

Have you gotten yourself a laptop with a GeForce RTX graphics card inside? If so, you'll probably want to make sure you update the graphics driver to the one Nvidia just released. GeForce driver version 418.81 is WHQL-certified and fully supports laptop RTX cards. It's also "Game Ready" for 3DMark Port Royal, which isn't really a game, but just roll with it, alright?

If you haven't heard of it, 3DMark Port Royal is the (in)famous benchmark app's brand-new ray-tracing test. It works only on Nvidia Volta- and Turing-based graphics cards. This driver update comes along at the same time as a patch for the benchmark that adds Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support. DLSS would seem to be a perfect fit for the mostly canned benchmark, which lends some credence to Nvidia's claim that the technology "boosts performance by up to 50% whilst simultaneously improving image quality" over the default temporal AA solution.

Besides that, there's not too much to talk about in this driver. The release notes list a few fixed issues, as usual. HDR streaming over Nvidia Gamestream should work correctly now when the OS is set to HDR mode. The GeForce Experience FPS overlay should no longer appear in the Twitter UWP app. "G-Sync Compatible" displays shouldn't lose the right half of the image after hot-plugging a "real" G-Sync monitor. Finally, there's a vague note that some instances of flickering in games on G-Sync displays should be resolved.

The list of known issues is longer. All of the problems that we talked about in the last release got carried over. In addition, fiddling with the Digital Vibrance control could pop Event ID 14 errors in your event log if you have a Turing card. PhysX fog in Batman: Arkham Origins may not render correctly. Dynamic Super Resolution may not be available on monitors with "4k2k timings." Finally, multi-monitor machines may see random desktop flickering.

 You can read the release notes for yourself, if you're particularly bored. As usual, folks who use GeForce Experience are probably already getting the new driver, but you may have to go grab the driver yourself if you're using a notebook. In that case, you'll have to trek to Nvidia's download site to grab your graphics software like the rest of us.

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