National Shower with a Friend Day Shortbread

Not technically a shower, but definitely a friend.

PC hardware and computing

  1. Scythe Katana 5 review: compact CPU air cooler for under $30 @ PC Perspective
  2. Corsair SF450 (2018) 450W SFX power supply review @ HardOCP
  3. Acer Predator X27 review @ Hexus
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop review @ KitGuru
  5. Swiftech H240 X3 AIO review @ TechPowerUp
  6. The Supermicro C9Z390-PGW motherboard review: the Z390 board with PLX and 10GbE @ AnandTech

Games, culture, and VR

  1. NVIDIA's A.I. thinks it knows what games are supposed look like @ HackADay
  2. YouTube is trying to prevent angry mobs from abusing "dislike" button @ Ars Technica
  3. Arduboy brings new life to Dreamcast VMU @ HackADay (ok, this is super cute)

Hacks, gadgets and crypto-jinks

  1. High-style ball balancing platform @ HackADay (when can I buy one?)
  2. Digital exchange loses $137 million as founder takes passwords to the grave @ Ars Technica
  3. Teenager who found FaceTime bug will be eligible for bug bounty program  @ Slashdot

Science, technology, and space news

  1. Fossil fats reveal how complex life kicked off after Snowball Earth phase @ New Atlas
  2. Forget the Super Bowl, SpaceX just fired its Mars rocket engine @ Ars Technica
  3. NASA puts a lid on InSight's Mars seismometer @ New Atlas (scientists who use the word "bugaboos" are the best kind of scientists)

Cheese, memes, and shiny things

  1. Costco selling wedding cake made of 24 pounds of artisan cheese @
  2. We tried 20 store-bought mac and cheese brands to determine which is the best (and the absolute worst) @
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