All the Radeon VII graphics cards: Where are they?

Update, 2/7/19, 3:37pm CT: Added AMD's statement about graphics card availability below.

Have you read our review of AMD's latest and greatest? While we may not have showered the card with lavish praise, the Radeon VII is still the fastest single-GPU Radeon card that has ever existed. It's also the fastest 7-nm GPU to date. (Hah.) AMD said the card would be available at e-tail today, and sure enough, we've found listings for it in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Germany. Good luck actually trying to buy one, though—they're all sold out already. We were told that Amazon and AMD itself both had stock earlier, but both are out now.

Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Asus, PowerColor, Sapphire, and XFX have all announced that they'll be shipping Radeon VII boards, although we haven't seen retail listings for a few of the cards yet. It doesn't matter much which company you buy from, because all the cards are identical. The only real difference would be whose support department you want to deal with if you have an issue.

The Radeon VII is too rich for this writer's blood, but the Raise the Game Fully Loaded promotion is still going. Folks who pick one up will get the recent Resident Evil 2 remake as well as unreleased titles Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2. That promotion ends April 6, and coupons have to be redeemed by May, so don't wait around too long if you pick up a card.

It's possible that these cards will come into stock later today, and likely that we'll see more stock filter in through the rest of this week and next week. Keep smashing F5 on the store pages if you're looking to grab one.

AMD replied to our questions about the stock issues with this statement: "We are excited to see the overwhelmingly positive reaction to AMD Radeon VII. The demand for Radeon VII during the first day of launch is strong, and we are working with our partners to restock throughout the next few days via e-tail, AIB partners and  Ongoing supply for the Radeon VII is expected to arrive on a weekly basis to meet demand." 

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