Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q1 adds VSR and wireless VR

AMD releases Radeon Pro drivers on a quarterly schedule, and being that we're a month into 2019, the time for the next release was nigh. Indeed, the company just dropped Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q1. This driver brings the usual batch of performance upgrades and additional certifications, as well as a few new features for the red team's blue cards.

According to AMD, driver 19.Q1 improves performance up to 33% over the driver released in Q1 of last year. There's no word on how much uplift it offers over last year's Q4 driver. AMD also says that this driver includes "over 320 'Day Zero' ISV application certifications." Those certs come from companies like Autodesk, Siemens, Bentley Systems, and others, and should ensure that these cards perform as promised for those apps.

Likely more interesting is that this new package offers driver-level support for standalone wireless VR workstation applications, including positional tracking. It's not completely clear what AMD did to support these technologies, but the company also says the Radeon Pro package will get a version of Radeon ReLive that supports recording and streaming VR applications. That feature is already present in the consumer version of ReLive.

ReLive isn't the only feature that debuted in the consumer Radeon drivers and is now finding its way over to the Pro package. Virtual Super Resolution, a Radeon feature that could charitably be described as the AMD version of Dynamic Super Resolution, launches in this driver package as "AMD Radeon Pro Image Boost." Given the relatively modest demands of many pro graphics workloads, this kind of driver-level brute-force super-sampling could be a good fit.

Finally, as with the last dozen or so Radeon Pro driver releases, this driver can support all recent Radeon graphics hardware. Radeon consumer parts won't benefit from the Pro features (like workstation certifications), and running one of these drivers could have an adverse effect on gaming performance. Still, it benefits large enterprises who can deploy the same driver package to their entire organization. AMD notes that the Radeon VII is currently not included in "One Driver" support, but will be folded in soon. Despite its similar position in the market, AMD confirmed to us that the Radeon VII will function strictly as a consumer Radeon card, unlike the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.

You can click through to read the full release notes, or just head over to AMD's download site to grab the new Radeon Pro driver.

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