GeForce driver 418.91 brings DLSS to Battlefield V and Metro Exodus

Barely more than a week after the last Geforce driver release, we're back with another one. GeForce driver version 418.91 is "Game Ready" for Metro Exodus, and it also includes game-specific support for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) on Battlefield V. It's timely, given that just yesterday I was bemoaning the lack of games that make use of the GeForce RTX cards' special sauce in this very space.

Click for a 35MB 8K PNG version of this Metro Exodus screenshot.

Well, Metro Exodus is the next game release to include support for hybridized raster-and-ray-traced rendering on RTX GPUs. The latest entry in the Metro series takes us out of the subways and onto the surface of a ruined Russia, and it looks absolutely stunning with RTX enabled—at least in videos. Metro Exodus will also support DLSS as well as a whole bucket of other GameWorks technologies such as HairWorks, PhysX, Ansel, and Highlights. Nvidia fanboys can rejoice when the game launches in two days.

Meanwhile, the already released game with RTX support is now adding DLSS support with a patch. Folks who are fans of Battlefield V's ray-traced reflections can now enjoy them with a higher framerate thanks to Nvidia's AI-powered smart upsampling technology. Nvidia claims that enabling DLSS in BFV could give gamers up to 40% improved performance, although that's surely a best-case result. Both Metro Exodus and Battlefield V have fairly specific requirements for enabling DLSS; Nvidia discourages its use below certain resolutions on faster graphics cards, possibly because those cards don't need the performance boost at the lower resolutions.

The list of fixed issues in this patch includes just two items. Gamers still playing Battlefield 1 should stop seeing lines on the terrain if they enable anisotropic filtering in the Nvidia control panel. Also, fooling around with the "digital vibrance" setting in the Nvidia color settings should stop spamming your event log with Event 14 errors.

On the other hand, the list of open issues is once again mostly carried over from the last two releases. New issues include a crash bug in hit battle royale game Apex Legends, pixelated corruption in Hitman 2, and crashes in Iray OptiX that cause a fallback to CPU rendering. Also, for folks still using Windows 7, you may have to suffer through "random [Timeout Detection and Recovery] events." Perhaps it's time to move to an operating system released in this decade, guys.

As usual, you can check out the full release notes if you like, or head to Nvidia's download site to grab GeForce driver version 418.91.

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    • torquer
    • 8 months ago

    1. Update Nvidia driver
    2. Update Battlefield V
    3. Turn on DLSS
    4. Crash Game
    5. Watch as Game Crashes on Every Load

    Excellent work, EA and Nvidia!

    • Litzner
    • 8 months ago

    I would be very curious to see the impact that DLSS has on input latency. In some games a little added input latency won’t effect you much, but in shooters for BF or Metro it may be very noticeable.

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