PC gamers have tons to look forward to in 2019

I don't have to tell this to an audience of gerbils, but rumors of PC gaming's death have been greatly exaggerated for a long time now. Sure, there's awesome console-exclusive titles that we don't get to play, but a lot of those will find their way to the PC eventually. Even disregarding those, though, we've got plenty to keep us occupied in the coming months.

Apex Legends

In case you haven't heard, Apex Legends is a brand-new battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the Titanfall franchise. Respawn was founded by the original creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Given that information, it should come as no surprise that Apex Legends has tight gunplay, responsive controls, solid optimization, and spotless netcode. If you haven't jumped onto the battle royale bandwagon yet, this might be the game to give it a shot. It's free on EA's Origin service, and you'll have plenty of company: According to EA, the game has already hit 25 million players in its first week, with over two million concurrent users online over the weekend.

Metro Exodus

Two days from now, the latest game in the Metro series will hit the Epic Games store. Metro Exodus, as we reported earlier, is a showcase title for all of the technology that justifies the existence of Nvidia's Turing GPUs. Of course, aside from being a tech demo, it will probably be a pretty good game if previous titles in the series are any indication. Metro 2033 got accolades on its launch for its challenging gunplay and immersive storytelling as well as its technical prowess; Metro Last Light delivered more of the same. The "Redux" re-releases of both games have been massively marked down in sales numerous times, so you can probably pick them up on the cheap if you're curious.


The very next week, which is to say next Friday, Bioware's Anthem will hit digital distribution and store shelves. Despite being yet another sci-fi shooter game, Anthem is pretty different from both of the previous titles. Players suit up into mech-like "Javelins" and then run, jump, and fly through an expansive wilderness performing both open-world and instanced missions. I played in the open beta weekend a couple of weeks ago, and although I'm personally going to keep on with Warframe, I have to admit the visual lushness and novelty of Anthem's free-flying gameplay was compelling. Don't forget that folks who buy a GeForce RTX graphics card right now can get this game and Battlefield V for free.

The Division 2

On the other hand, people who buy a brand-new Radeon can pick up The Division 2 for free. If you're not familiar with Tom Clancy's The Division, it's an open-world shoot-and-loot game set in a plague-ridden Manhattan. The game has a lot in common, particularly in terms of structure, with the Borderlands series, although there are no vehicles, and the overall scale of the environments is smaller because of the urban setting. The Division 2 takes place in Washington D.C. and appears to have more varied settings than the first game, with large open areas in addition to tight urban combat. Ubisoft will run an open beta of the title from March 1-4 before its release on March 15.

Devil May Cry 5

The upcoming game I'm personally most excited about is another title that comes for free with recent Radeons: Devil May Cry 5. Capcom had a crisis of confidence in 2012 and outsourced development of the fifth Devil May Cry title to an English studio, Ninja Theory. The result, titled DmC: Devil May Cry, was a solid game in its own right, but it was way too far removed from the rest of the series—both mechanically and stylistically—to please long-time fans. After the outcry surrounding that game, Capcom has handed the reins of the series back to the man who made it what it was, Hideaki Itsuno. Devil May Cry 5, then, is a follow-on to 2008's Devil May Cry 4, which saw a "Special Edition" re-release in 2015.

In DMC5, players will take on the roles of original series protagonist Dante, returning hero Nero, and new boy V as they slice and dice their way through hordes of demonic enemies. The new game is running on the RE Engine that powers both Resident Evil 7 and the recent Resident Evil 2 remake. The team says it's aiming for "photo-realistic" graphics—not an unreasonable goal given the capabilities of the engine. Even so, Capcom is thankfully targeting 60 FPS on all platforms. Anything less would compromise the extremely high-speed action that Devil May Cry is known for. The new title is planned for release on March 8.

Atomic Heart

These big-name titles aren't the only ones launching soon. Here's an absolutely non-comprehensive list of other promising PC games that will be here sooner or later:

  • February 14: Jump Force
    A crossover fighting game starring characters from popular Shonen Jump manga series, like Dragonball Z and Naruto.
  • February 15: Far Cry New Dawn
    Far Cry 5's Hope County, Montana gets re-imagined in post-apocalyptic form.
  • March 1: Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove!
    This third sequel to the Sega Genesis classic sees a return to hand-drawn cartoon art and the classic rogue-like gameplay of the original.
  • March 5: Left Alive
    A third-person "survival shooter" set in the Front Mission universe.
  • March 22: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    The makers of Dark Souls present an ultra-gory blend of stealth-based action and horror.
  • March 26: Generation Zero
    Best described as Fallout set in 1980s Sweden. By Avalanche, the creators of Just Cause.
  • May 14: Rage 2
    The sequel no one expected, and for which no one but me is excited.
  • Late 2019: The Outer Worlds
    Obsidian Entertainment isn't allowed to make Fallout games anymore, so here we are.
  • Late 2019: Atomic Heart
    Fallout again, except this time in the late-'60s Soviet Union. Planned to feature RTX support.
  • Late 2019: Biomutant
    Essentially the intersection of Fable and Kung-fu Panda, except it's also post-apocalyptic.

Let us know in the comments if we overlooked any game that you're excited about, big or small.

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