New copy protection bill to ban home-built PCs?

Hollywood may be justifiably concerned about piracy, but the proposed Security Systems Standards and Certification Act (SSSCA) could take things too far. Mercury News has the coverage.
The entertainment companies want absolute control. They want veto rights over any new technology that even might be used to make unauthorized digital copies, even if there are perfectly legal other uses of the same technology.
Should Congress let Hollywood play Big Brother to our PCs? Calling all casting directors: we need a white knight. Enter Intel.
For the computer industry, Hollywood's latest push boils down to something simple, Vadasz [Intel's executive vice-president] said before he left for Washington. The movie studios would turn powerful PCs into little more than expensive DVD playback machines, crippling PCs for other valuable uses.

"Any attempt to inject a regulatory process into the design of our products will irreparably damage the high-tech industry,'' Vadasz says in prepared testimony. "It will substantially retard innovation, investment in new technologies, and will reduce the usefulness of our products to consumers.''

Yep, the same Intel who tried to shove RDRAM down our throats has now turned consumer advocate. Anyone else find this ironic? Thanks to billb and ksaho for the news alert.
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