Radeon Software 19.2.2 sets up for Crackdown 3

Another day, another driver release. This one's a big one, though: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2 is the first driver to officially support the Radeon VII graphics card. It also adds support for some new games, including some we talked about yesterday: Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, Civilization VI's Gathering Storm add-on, and Crackdown 3. Did you know Crackdown 3 actually existed? Me neither, but it comes out tomorrow along with Far Cry New Dawn and Metro Exodus.

Crackdown 3

This release appears to primarily be a bug-fix release, considering there's a bevy of claimed bounties. Display mode switching should be faster on DisplayPort monitors, which in turn should improve task switching performance while you're playing full-screen games. Driver TDRs on Windows 7 systems with Radeon VII cards should no longer result in a full system hang. A crash in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds when you're fiddling with settings has been resolved, and display corruption in Apex Legends on Radeon VII cards should be sorted.

Radeon Wattman got a number of fixes. It should apply memory clocks correctly and display the correct fan and temperature values on the Radeon VII. It also should correctly save changed values when you tweak multiple knobs simultaneously, and the "Apply" and "Discard" buttons should always appear when they're supposed to. The broader Radeon Settings app should now be stable on Threadripper systems and shouldn't crash when you load a performance histogram while you're viewing a game profile in the game manager. Finally, AMD took another swing at the "please update to [the driver you are already using]" notifications.

As it turns out, that Battlefield V bug with the character outlines being stuck on screen that was supposed to be addressed in the last update is unfortunately still not resolved. Radeon users may still suffer system slowdown if a non-primary connected display is switched off. The Frame Rate Target Control feature may disappear altogether if you do an in-place upgrade of your driver. In Radeon Wattman, making changes using the Radeon Overlay may not save correctly, and the clock gauges may not display the correct values on the Radeon VII. Also, automatic fan speed controls may result in a higher-than-expected fan speed on the Radeon VII.

If you're not a gamer, don't forget that you can install AMD's Pro drivers on any Radeon for improved stability at the cost of game-specific optimizations. As usual, you can click through to read the release notes, or just head to AMD's download site to grab the latest driver. 

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