Logitech is bringing back the MX518 mouse

I'm not a betting man, but even so, I'd probably wager that a healthy portion of gerbils have had their hands on a Logitech MX518 mouse at some point. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you are clutching a long-serving MX518 as you read this. If you have fond memories of your MX518, or if you ran your rodent ragged and need a capable replacement, rejoice: Logitech is reviving it.

It's not exactly the same as it was, of course, but that's a good thing since we're talking about a technology product from 14 years ago. Logitech has replaced the original internals with its HERO sensor, which is a derivative of PixArt's PMW3389. Naturally, the new MX518 supports 1-KHz operation for a 1-ms gap between reports. No more running sketchy USB poll rate hack apps like with the old MX518. Likewise, its eight buttons are fully programmable, and you can save your settings to the mouse's onboard memory—features we expect of any good gaming mouse in 2019.

Still, in the ways that it matters most, the new MX518 is identical to the old version. Logitech specifically says that it dug out the original molds for the mouse and used them for the new version. I always found the MX518 to be a bit chunky for my taste, but folks with large hands, or anyone who uses a palm-style grip, will no doubt be thrilled with the MX518's ergonomic right-handed design.

If you're ready to re-live your glory days and dust off that copy of Unreal Tournament ('99 or '04, I won't judge), you can already pre-order the mouse on Logitech's site for $60. According to the company, it's "already available"—which is true, on the other side of the planet. Logitech didn't say when the new mouse would actually be shipping in the west. Searching on e-tail gives a lot of results for the old model, so look for the new Logitech G logo to make sure you're buying the right thing.

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