All of Noctua's coolers now include mounting hardware for socket AM4

Like many in the PC hardware enthusiast community, I dig Noctua coolers. I liked my NH-C14 so much that I used it in four separate builds, and I only replaced it because I simply didn't need that much cooling anymore. However, if you were buying an AMD Ryzen system and wanted to use a Noctua cooler, you'd have to either buy one of the models specifically marked for socket AM4 (eg, the NH-D15 SE-AM4) or contact Noctua for a free upgrade kit. The company announced today that this is no longer the case: AM4 mounting kits are now included with all Noctua CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-D15, otherwise known to most as "extreme overkill."

None of the prices on its products have changed, so Noctua proudly remarks that the new socket compatibility is "at no extra cost." The Austrian company actually made this change quietly a few months ago. As a result, any stock on store shelves should already include mounting hardware for socket AM4. If you do get some back stock that doesn't, Noctua will still send you a free upgrade kit, as always. If you're not sure, this page explains which coolers include the hardware and this other page explains how to check.

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