news all of noctuas coolers now include mounting hardware for socket am4

All of Noctua’s coolers now include mounting hardware for socket AM4

Like many in the PC hardware enthusiast community, I dig Noctua coolers. I liked my NH-C14 so much that I used it in four separate builds, and I only replaced it because I simply didn't need that much cooling anymore. However, if you were buying an AMD Ryzen system and wanted to use a Noctua cooler, you'd have to either buy one of the models specifically marked for socket AM4 (eg, the NH-D15 SE-AM4) or contact Noctua for a free upgrade kit. The company announced today that this is no longer the case: AM4 mounting kits are now included with all Noctua CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-D15, otherwise known to most as "extreme overkill."

None of the prices on its products have changed, so Noctua proudly remarks that the new socket compatibility is "at no extra cost." The Austrian company actually made this change quietly a few months ago. As a result, any stock on store shelves should already include mounting hardware for socket AM4. If you do get some back stock that doesn't, Noctua will still send you a free upgrade kit, as always. If you're not sure, this page explains which coolers include the hardware and this other page explains how to check.

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  1. This is exactly what’s going on.

    As AM4 gained popularity, it made more economic sense to include AM4 brackets even if they’re not needed than to keep paying for shipping of AM4 brackets to customers as needed.

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, since I bought a Noctua NH-D15 on day one with “AM4 Compatible” slapped to it. Later on, they added an “AM4” edition, me thinks, which got away with the Intel mountings… Not sure if that was smart or not…


  3. They also released AM4 mounting only versions of some of their coolers. You could just buy the one with AM4 in the name.


  4. Not for through-mounted coolers. Documented here:


  5. Per the story, it was already implemented “quietly a few months ago.”

    I imagine Noctua always planned to do this, but wasn’t in any hurry because existing stock was in the channel and there was unclear demand for AM4. They offered the free upgrade kit, and requests for that would give them useful information on how quickly AM4 was being adopted by their customer base. Instead of rushing out and spending a bunch of money to stuff the channel with the new kit for a form factor that might not be popular, they just let the channel drain naturally and added the new stuff once it appeared to be worth it to them — and they got some useful information about the uptake of AM4 in the process. Smart.

    IMO it would be worth complaining about if they charged actual money for the kit. But since they didn’t it was merely an inconvenience that didn’t really inconvenience all that many.

  6. AM4 has been out for a while now, enough that it’s kind of embarrassing for noctua that this wasn’t already implmented.

    Like, good for users but what the hell took so long?