Intel teases discrete graphics community "Odyssey"

I probably don't have to tell you that Intel is preparing to launch a series of discrete graphics products next year. You are probably also aware that Intel launched a Twitter account for its fledgling graphics division late last year. Today, that account tweeted an invitation for users to #JoinTheOdyssey:

The specifics of what exactly "The Odyssey" entails is unclear. Intel calls it "a community-based program designed to facilitate two-way conversation." The company goes on to say that folks who join will get to "learn about [Intel's] latest advancements ... as well as industry collaborations." That sounds to us like a newsletter and some discussion forums, but we've asked Intel for clarification anyway. (Update: There we go.)

Clicking the link will take you to Intel's gaming portal. That site isn't new; Intel's been offering recommended settings to run games on its integrated graphics products at that site for a couple of years. However, if you go there now, the site will prompt you to sign up with your e-mail, name, and location, and then ask you to pick an "Event Location."

The available locations are scattered about the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We're not completely sure what's going down in those places, but we do know that Intel is hosting a "kick-off community event" at the Game Developers' Conference on March 20 titled "The Odyssey." Hopefully the company will have some info to share about its new video cards then.

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