Adata's SU750 SSD serves up TLC, hold the DRAM

If you've shopped for SSDs recently, you're probably aware of the Adata Ultimate SU800. It's a capable SATA SSD that's been available lately for killer prices. Adata must reckon folks will be happy to find even lower SSD prices, though, because now the company is releasing an SSD to slot directly underneath the SU800. Appropriately, it's called the Ultimate SU750.

This is an educated guess, but as far as we can tell the SU750 is essentially the same SSD as the SU800, just without the DRAM cache. It's still based on 3D TLC flash memory from an unspecified vendor, though—no QLC memory here. Curiously, Adata talks up these drives' durability in its product page blurb yet gives no durability specification beyond a uselessly vague MTBF value of two million hours.

The SU750 supports an SLC-mode caching scheme for improved performance when the drive has free space, but it obviously doesn't make up the difference between it and the SU800. Adata says the SU750 should be good for 65K IOPS on random read operations and 75K IOPS in random writes. We'd expect those numbers to fall pretty sharply when the drive fills up.

Still, as Adata itself points out, it's always going to be a whole lot faster than a hard drive. Drives like this have really made some inroads to crashing the SSD price plane with no survivors. The expected prices that Adata gives—$60 for 256GB, $80 for 512GB, and $150 for 1TB—don't set our hearts alight, but the SU800 is currently selling way below its listed prices. We'll be curious to see what these drives end up costing when they find their way to e-tail.

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