news fractal design shines a light on its prisma fans

Fractal Design shines a light on its Prisma fans

Do you like fans, gerbils? Do you like Fractal Design? Do you like RGB LEDs? Scratch that last question; I know you love RGB LEDs. Fortunately for you, Fractal Design just launched its Prisma series of lighted case fans. There are red, green, blue, white, and addressable-RGB versions in 120-mm and 140-mm sizes.

Fractal Design's Prisma series is designed for looks first and foremost, and it makes use of specially positioned LEDs for uniform lighting instead of the rings of light you can get with cheaper LED fans. However, the fans themselves use sleeve bearings. The single-color fans are marked "SL," while the addressable-RGB fans are designated "AL." Either model can be had with or without support for PWM speed control.

For folks who want RGB LED lighting on their fans but don't have a motherboard with an addressable lighting header, Fractal Design also has the Adjust R1 lighting controller. It has magnets built in so you can attach it to the side of any steel case, and it supports eight color presets, five brightness levels, and six types of effects.

The chart above lists Fractal's recommended pricing for the new fans and the Adjust R1 controller. The company says that the new fans are available now, but it doesn't look like they've hit U.S. e-tail just yet.

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  1. I think “kids” in context is anyone chasing the “ooh shiney” over the “will this last for long enough to be worthwhile”. That includes both 20 year olds and 60 year olds. I know far too many “custom computer builders” who slap crap together because they think it looks cool and sells well to the uninformed.

  2. If you want super nice fans, yes Noctua is the way to go. When you need 12+ fans that gets a little pricey. I’m not even sure if Yates are still available. If I were buying today it’d likely be Noctuas if I could find the cheap Yates.

  3. Yeah that true, but there isn’t much noise anyway unless you’re running a high watt GPU, and those don’t have 12cm fans on them. New hardware is damned efficient, you need to go pretty high end to exceed what an old 9cm or two will cool.

  4. [quote<]the large fans are mostly for [s<]appearance[/s<] running at lower RPM to get the same airflow with less noise[/quote<] FTFY

  5. I say its a bit much to expect kids to genuinely care about that sort of thing, if they care, its probably indoctrination-religion-like behaviors and not actual rational understanding of [i<]why[/i<] they should care. Takes time to understand. So parents need to guide the youth here (away from crappy fans).

  6. Meh, the large fans are mostly for appearance, and for a very few users with dunno > 500W hardware. Its amazing what can be effectively cooled in a laptop chassis these days. Used to be computers ran hot even idle, this modern power-saving stuff is [i<]great[/i<]. Yeah so I've just got a lot of old hardware that I obtain 2nd hand (usually free from work) and swap in better bits, works great for me.

  7. I guess we’re all just getting old. I just shipped a computer to a buddy that has two (yes, two) LEDs for the entire build, not counting the 7 segment displays for boot codes. They are the power and activity lights on the Corsair 550D.

    I guess you could technically count the GPU (Titan Xm) as having one since it lights up, but I can’t control that as much and it’s hidden inside the case.

    I expect it to run for 5-7 years without needing to be touched other than cleaning the filters out and maybe a GPU swap down the road.

  8. I think we’re just old.

    Kids these days don’t care if their POS computer fails in under two years as long as it’s RGBLED. They’ll just throw it into the sea with all the other plastic trash and buy a new disposable RGBLED thing to satisfy their shallow and short-lived attention span.


  9. Or better yet spend money on pretty and awesome fan…

  10. Or at least spend the money on an ugly but awesome fan…
    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<]

  11. This point cannot be overstated. Every penny spent on garbage like this adds up – especially when you’re getting crappier fans that “look nice”.

  12. [quote<]Also, I have not a single case that supports either 12 or 14 cm fans[/quote<] wow! do you have [u<]a[/u<] case at all?

  13. They are three times the price of perfectly decent and ‘winner of many awards’ white-LED corsair fans I bought for my Windowed case.

    I’m not really that keen on windowed cases but I struggled to find a decent case without one, just as I struggled to find decent fans without LEDs.

    Man, I’m really getting tired of glitzy LED trash getting in the way of computing.

    [b<]EDIT: Screw Fractal, IMHO. I presumed at these prices they would be FDB bearings, but no. Fractal Design are charging 3x what I paid for my FDB bearings for nasty-ass cheap sleeve bearings. These fans aren't even worth $3 a pop. [i<]Gerbils don't let gerbils buy sleeve bearing fans. Imagine how much better your PC would be with [url=<]these fans[/url<], allowing you to spend the $64.34 on actual performance upgrades. That's the difference between an i5 and an i7, or the difference between 8GB slow RAM and 16GB of fast RAM. Or you can buy some twinkly lights so that people you invite over to look at your twinkly lights can appreciate just how pointless they are.[/i<][/b<]

  14. [quote<]Do you like fans, gerbils? Do you like Fractal Design? Do you like RGB LEDs?[/quote<] [url=<]Do you like football? Do you like nachos?[/url<]

  15. I remember back when a 9cm fan was the large option!

    Also, I have not a single case that supports either 12 or 14 cm fans (except when inside a PSU as usual).

  16. [quote<]Do you like RGB LEDs? Scratch that last question; I know you love RGB LEDs.[/quote<] Zak... how shall I put this... don't quit your day job for that Internet-psychic gig, huh?

  17. Remember the days when Fractal Design were known for their restrained, elegant designs? SCREW THAT LET’S RGB THIS MOFO

Zak Killian

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