Bang, bang, bang: pull your Devil Trigger with GeForce driver 419.35

Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 are both really close to release, while Apex Legends is still burning up the player-count charts. I haven't played The Division 2 yet, but both of the others are killer games. Nvidia, never one to rest on its laurels, just released GeForce driver version 419.35 which, by no coincidence, is "Game Ready" for all three of the aforementioned titles.

But seriously guys, Devil May Cry 5 is coming out. So get the driver Nero is pointing at.

The title-specific support for those three games is almost the whole story with this driver release. There are a couple of 3D Vision profiles—Devil May Cry 5 is "not recommended" and Total War: Three Kingdoms is "fair." This driver also adds support for CUDA 10.1, which apparently quadruples performance in cuRAND.

Likely the more interesting news is that this driver marks the first expansions to the G-Sync Compatible monitors listing. Nvidia appended three new displays to the list: Acer's ED273 and XF250Q, as well as BenQ's XL2540. That brings the total number of Nvidia-approved FreeSync displays to a whopping 15. Interestingly, the company didn't update its "400 tested" banner, but that's probably an oversight. You can find the complete list of all officially supported G-Sync displays—whether "compatible" or "classic" G-SYNC—over here.

This guy's standing at the apex of this rocky ridge. What a legend.

Driver version 419.35 fixes up a few issues, too: Apex Legends should stop crashing with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG messages, pixelated corruption in Hitman 2 should be cleaned up, and Batman: Arkham Origins' PhysX fog should render correctly. GeForce RTX cards should be able to play Star Citizen without crashing now, and they also should disperse smoke in Assassin's Creed 4 at the correct speed. Unusually high CPU usage by NVDisplay.container.exe ought to be resolved, and Microsoft Photos may not crash anymore.

Naturally, there are some known issues. The Division 2 may crash when you toggle HDR on or off. Similarly, Far Cry New Dawn might be overexposed if you task switch out of it while playing in HDR mode. ARK: Survival Evolved may crash with a Windows blue screen error. Nvidia's Ansel screenshot tool may not work properly in Shadow of the Romb Raider, which is a shame, because that's a pretty game. Finally, Firefox may briefly corrupt the mouse cursor when you hover over certain links.

You can hit the release notes here. Alternatively, you can go to Nvidia's download site to get the driver—assuming you're not a GeForce Experience user, most of whom have probably already downloaded it by now. Here's a quick link to the Windows 10 64-bit version.

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