Poll: What's your household's average daily kWh usage?

A couple months ago, I teased an upcoming story about my brand new solar panel adventure. I'm happy to report that the system has now been up and running for almost a week. And dude, it's kind of blowing my mind. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that my full write up is at least a month out. I need more time to collect more data, and sun, before I tell my tale. I can't help but tease a little more, though...

Guess which panels have snow on them. The answer might surprise you.

I'm excited, I'm going to have so much data. All the data. Well, almost all the data... I could actually use your help. I'm looking for the perspective that only fellow gerbils, with their homes purportedly overloaded with PCs and electronics, can provide. So, if you'd be so kind, please take a look at your latest electric bill and estimate how many kWh of juice your home sucks down per day.  A bit of math may be required, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for any of you.

Beyond that, if you'd like to opine in the comments about the breakdown of what constitutes your total draw I'd appreciate that insight as well. That's doubly true if you have any unique or especially significant applications for the power you're consuming. Thanks for sharing and more to come!

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