Toshiba fills out its NVMe SSD offerings with the 2.5" XD5 series

Hey, remember way back in March of last year when we told you about Toshiba's then-upcoming datacenter SSD offerings? The last of those, the 2.5" XD5, is finally making its way to market. These drives use the same 64-layer BiCS TLC flash as the company's fancier CD5 and CM5 series, as well as the already released XD5 M.2 drives.

Toshiba emphasizes that the XD5s are optimized for low-latency operation and consistent performance, but given their specifications, we think it sounds more like "low-cost." Toshiba says the drives offer up to 2.7 GB/sec on sequential reads and 895 MB/sec on sequential writes. Random performance is even more slanted toward reads—250,000 IOPS versus just 21,000 IOPS on random writes.

The 2.5" XD5 SSDs use NVMe and hook up to U.2. The 2.5", 7-mm height U.2 drives come in sizes ranging from 1TB to 4TB, while the M.2-22110 drives come in just 2TB and 4TB flavors. Toshiba specs the drives for one full drive write per day and says that they should do their thing with no more than 7 W of power. Like the M.2 drives, the 2.5" XD5s come with a five-year warranty.

Given their intended market, you probably won't see these drives showing up on Newegg anytime soon, but they'll show up in various vendor catalogs sometime in Q2. We reckon we're likely to see a consumer version sooner or later, too.

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