Morpheus moves to Gnutella

Though the combination of events and circumstances that caused the switch is a bit murky, the latest version of Morpheus is now based on the open source Gnutella protocol. Wired reports:
"Our new upgrade won't be part of the Fast Track network," Griffin continued. "Our goal was to unite the Fast Track and Gnutella networks together, but (this) appears to have been a problem. The new system is going to be based on the open protocol Gnutella.
Morpheus' move to the Gnutella network has also suggested that the Fast Track technology, which it used to share with Grokster and Kazaa, is not as decentralized as the companies behind the technology would like the courts to believe.

While there's a general consensus on the illegality of trading copyrighted works, a company can only be held accountable if it's running a centralized server; this was the problem with Napster. If Fast Track is indeed centralized, it's going to have a hard time against legal attacks from the MPAA and RIAA.

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