Patriot Viper VPN100 NVMe drives pack a wallop at affordable prices

Patriot may be best known for its RAM products, but its M.2 SSDs have been a hit around the TR labs for quite a while, too. The component maker has expanded its SSD family by four with the announcement of the Viper VPN100 series of gumsticks with big, meaty heatsinks.

Just look at the size of that...cooler.

That slab of metal hides a Phison E12 controller backed by 512 MB of cache and up to two full terabytes of NAND. Unfortunately, Patriot's data sheets for the VPN100 tell us neither what kind of NAND nor the drive's write endurance rating. The Phison controller does get a full four lanes of PCI-Express connectivity, though.

Patriot rates the 2 TB version's sequential reads and writes at 3100 MB/s. Peak random 4-kilobyte reads and writes for that capacity top out at a substantial 500K IOPs. Those figures fall off once you get down to 512 GB or 256 GB; the smallest drive is only rated for 1000 MB/sec sequential writes. Patriot says the enormous heatsink will help keep the flash cool and performance consistent. An external thermal sensor should help ensure the drive doesn't overheat. 

Patriot backs all versions of the VPN100 with a three-year warranty. These drives are already available at e-tail, too. Newegg lists the drives at $70 for the 256 GB version, $110 for 512 GB, and $200 for 1 TB. Amazon has the smaller drives available: $60 for 256 GB and $95 for 512 GB.

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